Miriam Laundry delivers a powerful presentation expanding on her TEDx talk, The Bully in the Mirror. Specifically designed to engage grades 6-9, Miriam provides insight on developing healthy thought life with activities. This presentation aims to:

  • make students aware of their own thought life > Awareness
  • make students aware of the struggles others may face > Empathy
  • develop strategies to deal with self-bullying > Practical Tools


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What are people saying about The Bully in the Mirror?

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder(s). It was so meaningful and very true about hearing that voice and feeling like you have to listen to it. I also feel like I’m not the only (one)…” – Ashley, Grade 8

“The story gave me chills. I teach my students to value and appreciate themselves but I often forget that I need to take care of myself too. I love the story and am planning on using the message with my students. Grade 6 students are so hard on themselves and need to be reminded how awesome and unique they truly are!” – Erin Taubeneck, Teacher, Grade 6

“I feel like the story is like my life…” – Heather, Grade 6

“It helped me reflect on some things I tell myself and now I realize that maybe if I wasn’t always so hard on myself about my mistakes, my performance in sports and school would be more successful. I will try the mirror exercise to boost my confi- dence and hopefully I will be able to enjoy my hockey more. When I’m having fun I play my best.” – Nathan, Grade 8