I CAN Fundraiser FAQ

Clarification on Shipping

If over 50 books are sold, you will not be charged for shipping. The cost of shipping would otherwise be deducted from the total raised by your school. For example, if 20 books were sold, we would cut you a cheque for $100 minus the cost of shipping 20 books. You can avoid shipping costs by a pick up option as well.

Will the author really sign every book?

Absolutely! Our order form includes a section where parents/guardians can specify who the book is to be autographed for. Miriam loves personalizing her books for children.

What exactly is on the Order Form?

You can preview our standard copy by clicking HERE. If you feel there needs to be some modification, we are open to working with you to present a form that works best for you.

When will the books arrive?

We aim to have orders ready to ship within one week of receiving the final total from you. If you are in Canada, you should receive the order within 1-2 weeks of shipping.

How long is this Fundraiser available for?

This offer is available indefinitely.

Our school is not in Canada. Can we still do the fundraiser?

We are happy to offer this fundraiser to every school in Canada and the USA. Other countries are of course welcome, however there are 2 aspects that will be different. The shipping costs outside of Canada and the USA will be much higher. We cannot offer the free shipping for orders over 50 books in this case. The time schedule will also be affected. We will endeavour to get the best possible shipping times and rates, but cost and arrival with vary by country.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions: miriam@laundrybooks.com