Pink T-Shirt Day


February 22nd is Pink T-shirt Day

Pink T-shirt Day is part of an Anti-Bullying Campaign. The idea is that by wearing something pink on February 22nd, everyone can show solidarity in their stand against bullying. One of the most important things is for victims of bullying to know that they are not alone. The simple act of a pink t-shirt can start conversations, and conversations are the beginning to ending bullying. 

Why a pink t-shirt?

It all started when two high school students noticed a 9th- grader being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. They organized a “protest” by handing out pink shirts in sympathy with the bullied boy. By choosing to stand with someone, they took a stand and made real change for this one kid. 

The website offers some great tips and blogs about different bullying situations as well as ways to participate.



Encourage kids to BE THEMSELVES

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