Hummingbird vs. Vulture Perspective

A vulture and a hummingbird both search for food….

Vultures are on the lookout for dead or dying animals that they can scavenge for food. Their amazing eyesight helps them spot possible meals from miles away. Hummingbirds are also on a mission to find a meal, but they are looking for something sweeter. They are looking for the bright colours of flowers to guide them to the sweet nectar inside. They need a lot of energy! They can consume between 1.5 to 3 times their bodyweight in nectar every day.
Both the hummingbird and the vulture spend the day looking at the same landscape, but they each find different things. Hummingbirds fly over dead animals, and vultures fly over flowers, but they only notice what they are looking for. 

People are the same way.

If someone is looking for the gloomy or negative things in life, it is guaranteed that you will find them. However, if you look for the bright or positive things, that is what you will find. Both the ugliness and the beauty exist, often side by side. What you focus on is what you find and this will affect your mood, perspective, relationships and performance. This summer who will you be, a hummingbird or a vulture? 



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