The Best Gift – A Solid Boost to Self-Confidence

How to give someone a solid boost of confidence.

My oldest daughter, Sarina, just turned 14. She was given a jar filled with about 100 pieces of paper, each with a reason of why she is special. They were written by her closest friends and I can’t tell you how wonderful it was going through all of them with her! This mom definitely had to fight back a few tears. 

I thought this was worth a share because we all know how important it is to build confidence in our kids. This isn’t a gift that will be easily forgotten, and when things aren’t going so great, when Sarina has a tough day like we all do from time to time, she can look back through these notes and remember just how special she is

So here are a few thoughts for this self-esteem boosting gift idea:

  1. This is GREAT for teens and tweens at a time when it is really important for them to know how special they are. Having self-confidence leads to making better decisions.
  2. Younger kids can also benefit from this. I suggest a good mix of notes come from people they look up to as well as peers. Think what it would be like for a 10 year old or 8 year old to find out why their teacher thinks they are special, or from family. Even parents can find it awkward or difficult to express sentiment, but kids NEED TO KNOW how much they are loved and appreciated.
  3. Teachers. The end of the school year is almost here, and I know the rush to find a good thank you gift. What about putting together a jar for them instead? Teachers put in so much work for our kids and it’s super important that they know how appreciated they are. Notes could come from other parents, students or peers.
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